Bill Shorthouse Metals

Specialist Suppliers of High Quality Silver Solders, Soft Solders, Lead Free Soft Solders, Fluxes & White Metal Casting Alloys

For over 40 years, Bill Shorthouse Metals has specialised in the supply of Solders, Silver Solders Fluxes, Copper Phosphorus Alloys and White Metal Casting Alloys

With over forty years of experience behind us, clients from across the UK trust Bill Shorthouse Metals for all their solder supplies, offering a diverse range of products for a wide range of applications. From high quality 1kg ingots, pellets, sticks, preforms and solder wire on a choice of reels, we’re confident we have everything you need for fine detail and precision work up to large scale industrial applications.

Our customer-base covers almost every use of solder, silver solder, and white metal casting alloys you can think of, from modellers and engineers to industrial users and jewellers, and our reputation for consistent quality and exceptional service ensures they return to us for all their solder & silver solder supplies, lead free solders, brazing fluxes, white metal casting alloys and more. Click through to our individual product pages and you’ll find detailed breakdowns of our solder alloys and fluxes, enabling you to find the ones most suitable for your particular needs.


Bespoke to your requirements

Whether you’re looking for silver solder or a particular tin/lead alloy, talk to us and we’ll be happy to discuss your individual requirements. To complement our high-quality solders we also provide a large selection of soldering irons, pots and solder baths too, starting with fine pen size irons all the way up to industrial uses, just let us know what your requirements are and we’ll find the best soldering tools for your application.

For more information on our Solders

If you need any help or advice regarding any of our solders, silver solders, white metal casting alloys, solder wire, ingots, pellets or performs, visit the Contact page to get in touch, we’re always happy to assist with questions on solder suitability or usage.



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Supplied in all specifications and available in ingot, bar, plumbers sticks, body solder, tinmans, blowpipe, solder pellets, rings, solid and flux cored solder wires.

Lead-Free solders are available in ingot, bar, sticks, pellets, & lead-free solder wire, solid and flux cored and in diameters from 3.5mm to down 0.5mm.

A selection of silver solder brazing fluxes are supplied to meet customers various applications, these include: General purpose flux powders and pastes.