Sil-fos and Copper-flo Alloys

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Silver Copper Phosphorus Alloys - Bill Shorthouse Metals

Bill Shorthouse Metals supply range of silver-copper-phosphorus and copper phosphorus brazing alloys, which are available in various diameters and grades.


Self fluxing copper based brazing alloys containing phosphorus thereby facilitating brazing on copper to copper in air without the use of a flux. Use of flux recommended for copper alloys like brass and bronze. For improved ductility and electrical conductivity silver containing lower phosphorus alloys also available. Widely used in refrigeration, air conditioning and plumbing industry.


Bill Shorthouse Metals offers these alloys in a wide range of compositions to suit specific applications available in Wires and Rods, Wires, Pastes and Powders. With the help of the chart below, identify and compare alloys of our Copper Phosphorus Alloys suited to your needs.

Sil-fos™ filler metals are recommended for the fluxless brazing of copper. On brass, bronze and other copper alloys a separate flux is needed. Sil-fos™ is the most ductile of this range Sil-fos™ 6 has the best flow of the group but has less alloy ductility. Sil-fos™ 5 provides the best combination of ductility and flow of the group making it the filler metal of choice for joining tubes in HV ACR components.

Copper-flo™ filler metals are recommended for the flux-less brazing of copper most commonly for joining tubes and pipes in heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat exchanger components. They have lower ductility than the silver-copper-phos products.

* The upper melting  point is the true liquidus of the alloy. Brazing is usually carried out at temperatures significantly below those shown.

** Does not conform exactly to the requirements of EN 1044: 1999

Sil-fos Range of Alloys

Copper-flo Range of Alloys

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