Bill Shorthouse Metals started trading totally independently in 1998. Bill Shorthouse himself has over 40 years experience within the solder industry, having gained the bulk of his knowledge as a Senior Technical Representative with then the largest UK solder manufacturer.

He started his own business in 1986, a joint venture with another UK based solder manufacturer before going totally independent in 1998, enabling him to offer a full range of solders, solder wires, cadmium free silver solders, white metal casting alloys, fluxes and pastes.

A very large percentage of Bill’s customers have been with him for many, many years some as long as Bill has been in the solder business. An excellent recommendation.


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Supplied in all specifications and available in ingot, bar, plumbers sticks, body solder, tinmans, blowpipe, solder pellets, rings, solid and flux cored solder wires.

Lead-Free solders are available in ingot, bar, sticks, pellets, & lead-free solder wire, solid and flux cored and in diameters from 3.5mm to down 0.5mm.

A selection of silver solder brazing fluxes are supplied to meet customers various applications, these include: General purpose flux powders and pastes.