Solder Pots and Soldering Irons

Solder Pots and Soldering Irons - Bill Shorthouse Metals
Solder Pots and Soldering Irons - Bill Shorthouse Metals

Most solder pots and soldering irons are supplied to meet customers specific requirements. At Bill Shorthouse Metals, we supply a wide range of solder pots and solder baths large and small. We also supply a range of soldering irons from small pen type to very large industrial.

FAQs for the Best Solder Pots


1. What is the difference between a solder pot and a soldering iron?

Unlike a soldering iron, a solder pot melts a lot of solder at the same time making it useful for not just soldering but also for other applications like desoldering and tinning wires which makes it a highly versatile option.


2. How do you change the temperature of a solder pot for using it?

Almost all solder pots allow you to change the temperature and power of your solder pots using a control dial or a temperature dial. You can simply adjust this dial depending on the solder metal that you are using to ensure that it gets melted properly.

3. What is the soldering metal to be used along with solder pots?

While you can use a number of metals along with a solder pot, you will be using tin as your solder metal in most cases since it is quite easy to melt and works great in most applications due to which it is used with both soldering irons and soldering pots.